How long have you been a photographer?
Over ten years! I got into photography in high school and haven’t put the camera down since.

I love your work, but I’m not photogenic. Will I look as good as the people on your site?
I hear this all the time. Most people I meet seem to think they aren’t good-looking or that they have to drastically change themselves before getting their photos taken. It’s not true! I have a high-end, detailed retouching process that ensures everyone looks great.

Do you have a studio?
Yes and no. I prefer to shoot outdoors or on location, but I do have portable studio equipment that can be set up just about anywhere, and occasionally, I’ll use the awesome studio space at TechArtista CWE.

Do you travel?
Yes! I’m available for travel nation-wide.

Do you shoot weddings?
Yes, on a limited basis. Couples should definitely reach out if: 1) They’re planning on doing something weird or crazy, like a themed or costume wedding; 2) They identify as part of the LGBT community and would like a queer photographer; or 3) They love my style and are having a small ceremony.

How many photographs will I receive?
It varies. Each session has a minimum number of photographs you can expect, which is listed on my Services and Pricing page. I tend to take a photojournalistic approach to photography, meaning that I capture you being yourself instead of asking you to strike poses. After we’re finished, I hand pick the images, which are then individually refined to bring out the best in each photo. This means that the photos you receive are the best of the session.

People who hire me aren’t looking for hundreds of shoot-and-burn images. They want beautiful, carefully crafted photographs that will last a lifetime.

When you say “photo-documentary” or “photojournalistic,” does that mean you don’t give people any direction with posing?
Not at all! It means I like to let people do what they do naturally and then give them minor directions from there.

The general modeling tips I give everyone at the start of a photoshoot are:
1) If it bends, it should be bent. Perfectly straight arms tend to look really weird on film. Same with legs, if you’re sitting. This doesn’t mean arms need to be at 90 degree angles for the whole shoot, even a slight bend can make a huge difference.
2) Keep your face level or tilted down when facing the camera. Tilting your head back gives me a direct view up your nose, which isn’t a flattering perspective! If you’re face is turned away from the camera slightly (as with a three-quarters view or a profile), you can look up as much as you want.
3) Relax and pull back your shoulders. This helps elongate your neck and keeps you from hunching over.

How long will it take for me to receive my photographs?
Guaranteed turn-around is 2 weeks for portrait sessions, although I’m usually able to finalize everything faster than that.

Are location/outfit changes included in the pricing?
Yes! My session fee is hourly, so you are free to spend that time however you’d like. Just keep in mind that the more locations and changes you have, the less time will be spent on shooting.

Can I bring a friend along?
Absolutely! Anything that will help you feel more relaxed is welcome.

What if I need to reschedule?
No problem! Just let me know 24 hours in advance.

Do you shoot in color or black and white?
All of the initial shooting is done in color. The post-processing depends on the package you select and the conditions of the shoot. For instance, if you want a Black and White Portrait session, all of the shooting will be done in color, and all of the final photos will converted to black and white during the retouching process.

Character and Creative Portraits are usually bright and bold. Lifestyle and Boudoir portraits tend to be a combination of color and black and white.

There are also times when the lighting isn’t conducive to producing rich colors, in which case, the photo will be converted to black and white in the post-processing phase. Occasionally, I will create a separate black and white version of a photo if I feel it captures an emotion or gives it a more timeless feel. In this case, you will receive both a color and a black and white version. If you only receive a black and white photo, no color version is available.

Do you do all of your own post-processing?
Yes! Post-processing is an important part of my job and ensures all final images meet my standards of quality.

How long will it take for my print order to be filled?
Usually within a few days. Rush service is available for $15. Same-day service is available for orders placed before 1:00 p.m. for $20.

My question isn’t answered here. What’s the best way to contact you?
You can reach me just about any time by email or phone: k@kimberlynstudios.com | 314.717.1103.

Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form below:



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